Jeremy Balfour MSP attends launch of the Midlothian Directory for Disabled People 2020

The Midlothian Directory for Disabled People 2020 was launched on Monday 16th March by local group Forward Mid. Its purpose being to provide clear, up-to-date and useful information, tips and contact details for disabled citizens.

Forward Mid is a Midlothian group focussed on improving the lives of physically disabled people – either at home, at work or in the wider community.

The directory includes information and contact details about disability rights; health and social care; medical conditions; transport; local services; national services; Midlothian Council; and the Scottish Parliament.

The directories are available through Forward Mid’s website where they can be downloaded or printed. The website also provides helpful links to online resources which can read the downloaded file aloud for those who have difficulties reading.

Jeremy Balfour, MSP for Lothian, attended the launch event at St John’s and Kings Park Church on Monday. Commenting on the directory, he said:

“For people with disabilities, it is a regular frustration that vital information and services are not easily accessible.

“Directories like this one are incredibly important in empowering disabled people by giving them access to essential information and contacts.

“This directory is particularly helpful because it is both written by and aimed at people who are local to Midlothian, making the information that it contains all the more accurate and appropriate.”